Massachusetts Addiction Recovery Services

The best Massachusetts rehabilitation and treatment programs for addiction will offer unique therapy services to help patients recover from their substance abuse and addiction problems. These facilities have been producing positive treatment outcomes by offering comprehensive treatment services and comfortable living arrangements where their patients can achieve full recovery away from the stresses of daily living.

Should I Choose Outpatient or Inpatient Drug Rehab in Massachusetts?

Inpatient or residential addiction rehabilitation programs in Massachusetts have round the clock care in live-in facilities for their patients. Further, they provide offer treatment services like medical and behavioral therapy in an one location.

There are also outpatient treatment programs in Massachusetts, although they are more flexible in their approach. For instance, you can continue working on your sobriety in such a program while also meeting your daily obligations at work, school, or home. This means that you will meet at the treatment clinic several times every week to receive the rehabilitation services that you need. The rest of the time can be spent dealing with the other aspects of your daily life.

Finally, there are some unique programs that will combine both inpatient and outpatient treatment. These programs include inpatient rehab programs that offer medical stabilization services, partial hospitalization programs for a moderate addiction case, and intensive outpatient programs or clinics that offer follow-up services. For instance, you could enroll for intensive outpatient detoxification services in Massachusetts if you have an opioid use disorder.

Massachusetts Addiction Help Lines And Services Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors (free & confidential) - 1-888-534-1219

Massachusetts suicide hotline - (877) 870-HOPE

Massachusetts domestic violence helpline - (617) 248-0922

Massachusetts gambling helpline - (800) 426-1234

Massachusetts AA helpline - (508) 627-7084

Massachusetts NA helpline - (866) 624-3578

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